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My name is Rita Soares-Alves, I live in Portugal and I’m a wedding planner. 
My job is to ensure everything runs as smoothly as planned on 
your wedding day.

When I need some inspiration, the mere sound of the word ‘wedding’ has me up and out of bed, rushing to get those creative juices flowing. To me, there simply isn’t anything on this world which beats working on making somebody’s very special day the most important day of their lives. 
Oh wait a second, there is: seeing your faces light up during the ceremony and throughout the event is an even better reward for my hard work.

Most people don’t realise how much work goes into planning such a big event: someone has to manage countless resources, supervise people and bring great ideas to life.

After my degree in Business Management, I worked for many years in event planning, project management, corporate planning and strategy. During these years, I oversaw working groups and developed an all-round approach which became a key tool in managing everyday challenges.

I’m based between the buzz and energy of Lisbon, my home away from home, and my childhood house in the peaceful Algarve countryside. I love this region especially in winter, as the weather is always just right. I must admit, my dogs seem to love it too, as they always accompany us on our family walks.

Welcome to Wedwings, your new home. Have a look around, browse the website and blog, check my portfolio. Follow me on social media to keep in the loop with all the latest news and styles.

“Weddings: you will never find two alike.

Because every couple and family has its own unique and personal stories and traditions. Planning a wedding reflects that uniqueness.”

Rita Soares-Alves


I spy, with my little eye…

things which inspire me. Things which have my name all over them, which are part of my life. My dreams, events I’d love to plan. Great ideas I’ve seen here and there.

You will find a lot of my personality in the work I do.

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Delightful and memorable weddings

Wedwings believes in teamwork: I want to work with you, the soon-to-be partners for life. Tell me about your expectations, likes and styles. I’ll include them in the planning process to create your dream wedding.

I’ve only got one goal: creating an unforgettable day together.

Taylor Made

Let Wedwings do all the hard work, giving you some well-deserved me time. Who said wedding planning can’t be relaxing? Now you can actually find the time to enjoy all the planning behind some of the best moments of your life.



You can count on Wedwings from day one. We’ll start planning your wedding together, listening to your expectations, your concept and your budget. Our next step will be to choose the best solutions and the most qualified service providers to bring your ideas to life. Red tape is never fun, let alone when planning your wedding. Let me take care of all that. On the big day, you can rest assured that everything’s been taken care of. All you have to do is turn up, have fun and enjoy every single moment of it, relishing all the details that have been prepared for you under my careful guidance.


You still want to be fully in charge of your perfect day, but don’t know where to start? This is your ideal choice. Together, we’ll come up with the general feel of the event, the creative concept and the budget. I’ll then suggest two to three service providers for each need (venue, catering, parking, decoration and flower arrangement, photographer, and many more) to give you the perfect starting point. You’re welcome!


You’ve planned everything to the very last detail. All you want is someone to supervise the event on the day. Sounds good. We’ll meet one month before your wedding. I’ll study your event, get to know your service providers and take it from there. Now it’s time for you to let your hair down, relax and create some stunning moments you’ll cherish forever.


Just the two of you. No guests. In an intimate, magical, and secret location. Have you ever pictured exchanging your vows here? We’ll plan a fairy-tale wedding that you’ll cherish forevermore�.


You want to plan your wedding, but you’re so bogged down by questions and doubts you don’t know where to start. Professional consultancy will help you get out of the rut you’re stuck in and offer the best solution to ensure nothing stands in the way of your big day!


Would you like all of your friends and family to meet before the weeding, or offer a special event for all of those who’ve travelled from near and far to share this special day with you? Do you think that any excuse is a good one to celebrate a moment in your life?

Count on me: let me help you plan these events too.


Service providers are recommended based on the creative concept, budget, and the couple’s expectations.

Planning & Design Fees


This is just one of the many reasons which makes my home a lovely country.
Once you find out about the others, you’ll already be booking your next flight to Portugal for a wonderful wedding.

250 days of sunshine a year

Find out more in the brochure (.PDF)

They have already fallen in love with Portugal


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