An alternative wedding

An alternative wedding

Inspirational session

By   |  Venue: LX Factory, Lisboa  | Invitations: Botão Doce | Cake: Vintage Cake Company| Letters: Retroshop | Photography: Dream and Star

Anna was always one step ahead of everyone else. With 14 came her first tattoo; she chose a different journey to the one her parents had planned; she became the queen of her year when, during recess, she revealed her innermost secret to everyone.

Alex travelled, he was a sailor by passion. You can’t anchor yourself to a place if there’s no chains to start with: the world was his oyster.

Alex came to Lisbon and bumped into Anna. From that moment on, everything changed. Pleasantries and small talk cast aside, they became each other’s anchor, interlinking chains to a future spent side by side. They promised each other eternal love.

This is a work of fiction, the result of a brilliant collaboration with talented people.